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Amazon Repricer by HomaVo

Amazon Repricer

Selling on Amazon is highly competitive and to make sure your product win the sales, Amazon Repricer within Seller Dynamics is what you need.

Generally, our clients see a significant boost in their sales after they start using our Amazon repricer that automatically reprices their listings at

What is Repricing Software?

Our repricing software gives an edge to Amazon sellers and they can automatically compare their product prices with their competitors and adjust them to boost their sales. The previous information that Amazon releases to the public domain and sales data history on the marketplace is an indication that price actually matters (as well as other seller metrics like your seller feedback rating).

It is a known fact that prices can have a significant impact on your sales, Buy Box chances and product visibility. Therefore, sellers have to constantly ensure their products are priced competitively when compare with other similar products.

When you have over a hundred or thousands of products to reprice frequently, doing this manually becomes a strenuous task so most sellers turn to our repricing software.

With this Amazon Repricer, sellers have to set maximum and minimum selling prices for their products so they can ensure they sell each product at the margin they want, and never outside of the price range, they’re comfortable with. Within these set prices, the software automatically recognizes the prices and adjusts them as required.


Here’s how Amazon’s repricer works

The basic idea is to have a repricing “groups,” where all your products are repriced according to lay down criteria. (Basically, this is how repricing software works.)

There are two sets of options through which you can set this and create a group.

The first set of options enables you to compare your price with one of two offers:

  1. The Buy Box price.
  2. The lowest overall price.

Once you’ve set that, you can move on to the “pricing action.” Basically, after you have instructed Amazon on the offers to compare, the next thing is how do you want it to price your offer in relation to that?

Your options are:

  1. Price above
  2. Price match
  3. Price below

Amazon repricer removes the hassle from you through its automatic repricing system that boosts your product sales. Contact homavo for the best Amazon Repricer software management.